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jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonFlying07-Jun-14 16:24
Views : 417
iPhone photo after launch. Just a hundred or so winds, but it flew quite well! Will try again with proper rubber (this was the blue rubber band that came with the kit) tomorrow morning, or maybe this evening. Got a nice circuit out of it.
jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonFlying07-Jun-14 16:22
Views : 339
Charles gives the Typhoon a test glide. Seems to be OK.
jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonParked12-May-14 21:50
Views : 598
I've done some test flights into long grass (the lawn!), and it flies really nicely with a small amount of turns (25). Looking forwards to some bigger flights on a calm day.
jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonBuild29-Apr-14 23:43
Views : 555
First assembly stage complete! Now we have to decide if we'll fly it, or just hang it from the bedroom ceiling... Maybe both?
jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonBuild29-Apr-14 23:41
Views : 489
This is the reason for the build. He's a little obsessed with aeroplanes! And very careful with the models too...
jgoodGuillows Series 900 - TyphoonBuild29-Apr-14 23:39
Views : 482
Jap tissue applied with a glue stick. Then misted with water. Once dry, a light coat of Krylon Satin finish.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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