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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by David Duckett. Viewed 690 times.
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David Duckett22-May-11 04:16
This is a DC-130A carrying four Ryan drones. The photo was taken on Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, by a guy who was on my crew at the time. We had Automatic Tracking radar gear on board which was used to fly the drones and my crew helped maintain it. This was 1974-1978. The drones were used in Viet Nam to take photos and who knows what else they did.
David Duckett22-May-11 04:46
The drones were also used for electronic counter measures. Additionally we had a site in Osan, Korea and from there the drones were flown off the coast of China where they gathered and sent back radio transmissions. The drones were recovered by Jolly Green helicopters which snagged a deployed parachute.
jgood22-May-11 14:49
So these were radio controlled? How did the operator fly them? I take it there was no remove video view for the operator in those days? Just some telemetry readings? And they just piloted them back to a safe area, and deployed a parachute to land them again? Cool stuff!
David Duckett22-May-11 15:06
Our system was called Microwave Command Guidance Systems. There was a radar tech and an officer using what was basically a control stick. The movement of the stick caused different commands to be sent and the track was plotted on a board in front of the operator. No video. We had the same system on the ground here which could control the drones if the A/C lost them. In Korea, the ground site controlled the drone. On one memorable occasion, the track being plotted showed a giant phallic symbol, with attachments, pointed towards the coast of China. Since they were tracking the drone, too, I always wondered what their reaction was.
David Duckett22-May-11 15:33
For more info, type DC-130 into your search engine. It was a long time ago.
David Duckett12-Oct-17 17:36
A long time ago....
BriandKilby12-Oct-17 17:50
thanks for sharing.
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