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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by David Duckett. Viewed 128 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett11-Aug-17 08:17
...which blew my beautiful Mesquite tree down!!
Don C11-Aug-17 13:59
Oh crap! Anything you can replace it with or are they very slow growing?
David Duckett11-Aug-17 16:23
The tree was 46 years old so I don't think it will be replaced but some things will be planted, for sure.
David Duckett11-Aug-17 17:33
There was considerable damage in many parts of town. The neighbor to the east parked his older BMW in a side carport, instead of his garage, and the storm caused the carport to collapse onto the car. It lasted no more than 10 minutes although light rain continued for an hour.
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