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Guillows Series 2000 - B-24 Liberator by David Duckett. Viewed 116 times.
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Image Comments
David Duckett12-Aug-17 09:48
They will come back to remove the stump when it dries out.
Don C12-Aug-17 10:04
That's a shame. Hope you can get something growing again. We sure could use a rain like that up here. It's been 7 or 8 weeks without measurable rain. Had a dry thunderstorm last night, so that means more fires.
David Duckett12-Aug-17 10:15
There will definitely be more trees planted. The man in charge of the crew said the tree fell because it had not been pruned properly and there were lots of dead branches. The neighbor said it had been here since the house was built in 1971. We had practically no rain for the first six months of the year and the monsoon season will probably stop in a couple of weeks. There was a fire on the mountains to the north about a week before we moved.
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