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SIG Customaire # FF-26 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 117 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN19-Jun-17 03:59
SIG CUSTOMAIRE (not Cabinaire) KIT CONTENTS - the kit comes with 2 sheets of 1/16" X 3" X 12" laser cut parts with small bridges that are easy to cut and sand off, and one sheet of 1/16" X 3 1/4" X 9" die stamped (crushed) parts - I would rather have had it just as printwood, instead of die cut, and cut out all of the parts myself - I had to cut out a couple of the solid wingtip parts out of fresh balsa. The parts labeling diagrams were poor, as not all of the parts were even labeled (but it wasn't too hard to figure it out, when comparing the part over the plan). There is also a plastic sheet of 0.008" thick, thin flyweight shinny white vac-formed parts - wheel halves, wheel pant halves, that are all marked as inner and outer, and that all of the outer shells slip over the inner shells, butting up against a definite "step" for perfect fit, and a one piece Cowling with attached Dummy Motor.
LASTWOODSMAN19-Jun-17 04:01
These plastic parts all appear to be of very high quality, with no flaws, blemishes, deformations, or imperfections. Also 1/8" rubber, 1/32" Landing Gear wire you have to bend, a prop hook 0.047" ( 3/64") diam wire, 7" red high-Torque rectangular-bladed Prop, white tissue. In that little plastic bag are four eyelets to cement into the four wheel halves, and two eyelets for the front and back of the nose block, to act as the prop wire hook shaft bearings. There is also a white bead and two small flat washers to go between the nose plug and the prop hub of the prop, and a 1" hardwood dowel rear rubber motor mount 3/32" diam that I will replace with a 3/32" aluminum tube to fit my winding stooge wire.
LASTWOODSMAN19-Jun-17 04:02
This kit has a very clever, ingenious wheel and wheel pants design using the eyelets for bearings on the inner and outer edge of the wheels. On the inner side of all of the wheel halves and wheel pant halves, a round balsa support disc, that has a hole in the middle for the landing gear wire, is glued for strengthening. Plus a 17 1/2" X 2" clear plastic acetate sheet 0.0075" thick, for the windows and cabin roof.
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