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Scratch Built North American P-51 by Don C. Viewed 149 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Don C12-Aug-17 23:33
Here we go again. Rescaled to 1:24
Don C12-Aug-17 23:42
From early Comet plan. Can't tell which model it is, but I think I'll make it an "A".
bsadonkill13-Aug-17 00:36
Looks good so far. I want to do the 18 inch P-40 someday, if i ever get to it.
Uncle benz13-Aug-17 10:33
Is it possible to send me a copy of the plan ? If yes my mail: thank you...
BriandKilby13-Aug-17 19:17
you could build the a-36 apache? lol!
rayl14-Aug-17 07:26
Uncle Benz: Check your e-mail. Enjoy!!
Don C14-Aug-17 10:13
Uncle Benz: both 1:24 scale versions are ready to mail. Brian: When you look at the plans, they have to be either the A-36 or P51-A. The B had an air intake just under the nose and spinner.
hjlittman14-Aug-17 15:23
I've done the Comet 18 inch P-51 and a dozen of the P-40s (over a Period of 60 years) and the nice thing about them is that they fly.
Skyediamonds198514-Aug-17 23:02
The "B" also had 4-bladed propeller whereas the "A" had a 3 blader... Ahem, just an FYI.
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