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Erco Ercoupe 415-E by jgood. Viewed 358 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
jgood02-Nov-15 14:45
Good toys.
Don C03-Nov-15 12:05
Very good toys! I got my first driver's license in a Chev like that one.
jgood14-Dec-15 11:41
Winter flight video:
Don C14-Dec-15 12:32
That's great. You sure know how to make a guy jealous.
ElbertC14-Dec-15 12:46
The Ercoupe is a nice plane. I always wanted one.
rayl14-Dec-15 14:23
I'll give a $1.98 for Nomad!!! Sweet looking ride, and the Ercoupe tain't bad either.
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