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Dumas Kit #301 Stinson Reliant SR-10 by heywooood. Viewed 106 times.
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Image Comments
heywooood12-Aug-17 23:04
Don C12-Aug-17 23:36
Interesting perspective. The motor looks like the kit I got from Dare that I used in my Solution.
Skyediamonds198514-Aug-17 23:08
HW: your model looks great! I built an old Sterling R/C sized kit of the SR-7. Took great pains to fabricate the fairings along the wing struts and landing gears through use of resin mixed with micro balloons. Also did the complete interior. I used rolled up cotton wrapped in cloth, like small cigarettes and glued them together side by side to form the tucked and rolled back seat. Interesting thing is the arm rest in the back were recessed into the side cabin walls.
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