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Herr Engineering HRR 105, Fokker D-7 by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 71 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN13-May-17 21:12
Side View - and now to experiment to get the right color of stain, by practising on left over sawed off pieces of the prop block. "Cabernet Red" is so dark, that it does not even show the painted grain line layers. "Golden Oak" and "American Walnut" are best so far. I will try mixing a few drops of "Cabernet Red" in with "Natural" wood stain to try to get a light red color stain.
John M Oshust19-May-17 16:04
LW. Any aircrew progress?
LASTWOODSMAN19-May-17 16:18
Real soon John - I had to fix up my smashed up "Cabinaire" and new holes in the "winding stooge" - I have been looking at your nice scale prop hub plates on your WW1 builds - I'm thinking about how to do it ...
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