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mlriley540, Image # 3916601 Aug 17 20:54

Fixed the front area, which was crushed.
mlriley540, Image # 3915330 Jul 17 20:02

Unfortunately, it did a split-S and crashed hard at high speed. Heavy damage to the front, but fix-able.
mlriley540, Image # 3915230 Jul 17 20:01

Mustang flew well tonight, as it usually does.
mlriley540, Image # 3914929 Jul 17 17:24

mlriley540, Image # 3914829 Jul 17 17:24

mlriley540, Image # 3914729 Jul 17 17:23

Little Mustang flew well today, despite gusty conditions. Motor broke after a few flights though.
mlriley540, Comment for image # 3900508 Jul 17 19:44
I remove the landing gear to fly and put it back on afterward. I had the same 3 loops of 1/16 30 inches total length from last week for the motor. I spent some time tonight repairing the nose, going OK so far.
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3900508 Jul 17 19:04
Well Riley, what's the damage look like when they crash with no wire-reinforced landing gear? Any info on rubber, size, and weight?
mlriley540, Image # 3900608 Jul 17 15:05

mlriley540, Image # 3900508 Jul 17 15:04

From today. I broke the nose cover, will attempt to repair...
mlriley540, Comment for image # 3897803 Jul 17 17:39
This is the Peck Polymers Mustang, 12.5 inch wingspan. It is light, the kits uses fairly lightweight balsa. I have 3 short loops of 1/16, about 5 inches per loop, or 30 inches total length. I was flying with 200 winds, which was enough for it to reach a high speed. It flies nice but if it starts climbing it torque loops and does something unpredictable and probably dangerous. I have done 500 wind flights with this and survived. The propeller has a nose cover glued on which slows the RPM's a fair amount. It can fly with 2 loops of 1/16.
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3897803 Jul 17 08:45
And what is the wingspan, how much does it weigh, what size rubber and how many strands and how long is each strand, and how many stretch winds (winder and stooge) and how long are the flights, how long is the power run? Looks like they REALLY GO without the landing gear resistance!
bsadonkill, Comment for image # 3897803 Jul 17 00:35
Who's Mustang is that , Guillows , Comet , someone else ?
mlriley540, Comment for image # 3897901 Jul 17 23:01
Glide ratio today was ideal, crash ratio was a bit high.
mlriley540, Image # 3897901 Jul 17 22:57

Managed a picture of it's crash flight, a torque loop followed by a big fast arc through the sky and then slamming to the ground on it's nose. Survuved reasonable well for how violent it was, and only 200 winds to produce such speed and violence.
mlriley540, Image # 3897801 Jul 17 22:56

Little Mustang flew well despite being gusty.
Don C, Comment for image # 3888518 Jun 17 18:26
That's nice.
John M Oshust, Comment for image # 3888518 Jun 17 16:30
This photo turned out great!
LASTWOODSMAN, Comment for image # 3888518 Jun 17 11:53
Nice climbing, left banking, turn! Looks real!
mlriley540, Image # 3888518 Jun 17 11:33

My little P51, it was fairly cloudy and I tried but wasn't able to get much for pictures, the Sun would come and go.
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