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Guillows Series 900 - Skyraider by MMitch2782. Viewed 592 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
MMitch278207-Jun-15 21:37
JohnG.08-Jun-15 07:59
Yes, I'm liking this...very nice!!!
MMitch278208-Jun-15 20:35
Thanks! I like building rather than assembling plastic.
John M Oshust10-Jun-15 14:18
This is a slick build. I am with you. I would rather build than assemble!
MMitch278210-Jun-15 20:19
For instance, instead of cutting a prop off a sprue I had to do a lot of research on a decent prop. I used styrene and will do a better job next time of heating a slight twist in each blade. So the prop probably 4 hr to create.
poppy11-Jun-15 05:23
Very nice!! I like the added features, flaps elevators and rudder. Smooth finish also.
MMitch278211-Jun-15 19:15
Thanks covered in 1/32 balsa. 1st time I picked up the Spad it was light as a feather but felt structurally strong. I thought that was cool but had to be very careful when mounting bombs /racks because I easily could punch through the under wing.
Don C14-Jun-15 12:24
Nice job, I like the canopy.
MMitch278214-Jun-15 16:14
Thanks Don, just took the stock canopy and cut it so you can see the pilot.
BriandKilby13-Feb-17 07:20
you have a good looking skyraider yourself, mitch! I have another 900 series that i'm going to make into a sea color scheme.
rayl13-Feb-17 07:27
Very nice indeed.
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